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Ashoka Ventures is a Hyderabad based real estate company promoted by Sri Muppa Venkaiah Chowdary and M.Ashok Vardhan. Ashoka Ventures is backed by Muppa Homes Pvt Ltd. (MHPL) with a legacy of decades of rich experience in real estate business. The group has several successful projects to its credit; which include large layout projects, customized villas and a few commercial buildings in and around Hyderabad, not to mention the happy smiles on the faces of thousands of customers who have benefited from their investments with the group.

The group has always been known for its great value-for-money projects which offered the best of comforts, conveniences and the amenities that modern life demands. The group firmly believes in forging lasting relationships with all the stake holders.

The company has a large land bank in vantage locations in and around Hyderabad, more particularly along the new Outer Ring Road- the indication of tremendous and unforeseen development. The company is planning to launch several high-end real estate projects in coming years. Company is geared up to lead the market by following ethical and fair practices , ensuring quality and timely delivery of projects.

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